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    1. Before coming to CAPITOL Club („Club”) you are obliged to read and accept terms and conditions („Regulations”).

    2. Our Club is strictly an 18+ venue. You cannot enter the Club if you don’t have some sort of identification card or if you refuse to present it.

    3. The doorman or the security guards have the right to refuse entry to the Club for any reason. In particular, for security reasons and for the comfort of our guests, the Club has the right to refuse entry to people who, with their appearance or behavior, do not meet the standards presented by the Club or the event. This also applies to people on guest lists, membership cardholders, or those with booked tables.

    4. The security guard has the right to ask for guests’ IDs in order to establish their identity and verify their age. A security guard has the right to search bags, backpacks and clothing of people entering the club in case of suspicion that they might have brought items referred to in paragraph I.6 of the Regulations. If the guest refuses to submit to above, the Club has the right to refuse entry.

    5. Invitation and membership cardholders have the priority to enter the Club.

    6. It is forbidden to bring food, beverages, alcohol, drugs, gas, knives and other sharp objects, as well as pyrotechnics and other things that may be dangerous for other guests’ health or life.

    7. It is prohibited to bring animals to the Club.


    1. Our guests are obliged to obey the rules imposed by the staff and security – it is for their
    safety and security.

    2. People behaving aggressively or those posing a safety threat, who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, as well as those not obeying the Regulations, will be kindly asked to leave the Club.

    3. In the event of serious violations of our rules, the security guard has the right to use means of physical coercion. If our security finds any forbidden object referred to in paragraph I.6 of the Regulations, they will be confiscated and handed over to competent authorities.

    4. The staff has the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone who is intoxicated.

    5. It is forbidden to smoke in the Club, except in places, which are clearly marked and adapted for smokers.

    6. It is forbidden to carry out activities such as promotion, sales, marketing without the consent of the Club Manager. It is forbidden to trespass of access areas off limit to guests.

    7. Hours of operation are subject to change as decided by the Club Manager.


    1. If anyone is suspected of any illegal activity or of causing damage in the Club, the staff has the right to stop the offender and hand him over to the authorities.

    2. Anyone who causes damage will be held responsible for it.

    3. The Club is not responsible for unforeseen events such as fire, evacuation, natural disaster etc., and will not be obliged to refund tickets or pay damages or cover other compensation claims related to non-operation or the interruption of an event in the Club.

    4. Our staff does everything to ensure the highest safety and security standards.

    5. Guests entering the Club agree to the terms and conditions and the risks and dangers associated with participation in events organized by the Club. Guests accept that:
    • The music is loud and can cause hearing damage;
    • Dim lights, typical for club lighting, and the lack of windows may result in reduced visibility;
    • Exposure to powerful lighting, including stroboscopes may impact people with epilepsy and pregnant women;
    • The floor might be slippery;
    • There are decorations, stairs, as well as electrically operated equipment and other obstacles.


    1. Anyone who decides to enter the Club accepts the fact that we are monitoring the events and that images of our guests are captured by image/sound recording devices.

    2. Our monitoring or image/sound recording devices can be handed over to appropriate authorities and used to determine damages, restore the course of events or find those responsible for damages or criminal acts.

    3. Upon entering the Club you agree to the unlimited use of any images from inside the club for the purposes of advertising, promotion, marketing, merchandising, documentation and reporting. Find more details in Article. 50 of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

    4. The consent referred to in paragraph IV.3 of the Regulations also includes the use of images by third parties within the scope of broadcasting, rebroadcasting and public sharing, as well as promotional materials, advertising, marketing, documentaries, reports and information about the Club.


    1. Guests are obliged to leave their outerwear in the cloakroom, which is free.

    2. Each person leaving their things in the cloakroom receives a number, and things are returned to whoever brings the number back. The Club is not responsible for any difficulties caused by losing the number, including the situation in which another patron claims items with said number.

    3. There is a 50 zł charge in case you lose the number which has to be paid in cash in the cloakroom.

    4. The Club is not responsible for items left in the cloakroom. It is forbidden to leave valuable items (such as documents, credit cards, laptops etc), as the Club will not be responsible for them. The Club’s responsibility is limited to things up to 150 zł.

    5. If you lose your number, your belongings will be returned to you at the end of the event or on another date set by the cloakroom staff.

    6. Lost items are kept in the cloakroom for 7 days. After this period, they will be destroyed.

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